Paintings & Drawings

Our early human ancestors and the paintings they created in great caves and rock shelters; the statuettes and the petroglyphs they created for millennia throughout the world, have fascinated me since childhood.


I make masks from ceramics, and by elaborating the features of the facial forms of friends and self. I use found and natural objects to give each a distinct identity and “mythology”.


I design a line of necklaces created from ancient and antique beads mixed together with unusual semi-precious stones. These beads are from around the globe; old Chinese jade, carved beads from the ancient cultures of Africa and the Middle East;


I have illustrated dozens of children’s books, SF&F stories, women’s spirituality, and my own images, visions, and stories. List of publishers includes Simon & Shuster, Doubleday, Bantam, Davis Publications, Silver Burdett, Harper Collins, and others.

Latest works